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Extreme nature has been active in log house designing, manufacturing and building since 2017. The company’s management contributes to the education of future woodhouse manufacturers and builders. The sales team is experienced and multilingual – they are fluent in English and French. Extreme nature has professional manufacturing, engineering and budgeting teams, who have years of experience in their fields.

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Extreme Nature

About Us

Extreme nature provides you with a large comfortable, suitable, affordable magnificent variety of prefabricated wooden houses.

We guarantee safety, relaxation and the most stylish designs and house decoration.

Our team can hand you your home from the first wood piece till keylock.

We can assist your needs with a specialist engineering team

Extreme Nature

Production and values

Offering our clients suitable tailored solutions has inspired us to develop new solutions and use modern technologies in their realization. As a result, today we can produce many different constructions for our clients.

With this we hope that customers with even the most special wishes will find a house solution of their liking from our product range which includes solid and Glulam log houses, Post & Beam houses, Pre-Cut houses and prefab houses.

Extreme Nature

How Extreme Nature Differs

Extreme nature’s trump is long-term experience and trustworthiness
Thanks to long-term experience, our clients are provided with the best log house solutions that have proved themselves in practice. We have long-lasting and trustworthy relationships with partners with whom we’ve been collaborating for over 10 years. It is important for us, to ensure our clients that the partner, whom they can ask for information and advice, will be there for years to come.

Production & Technology

Modern production equipment and technology

All wooden materials used in Extreme nature’s log houses are manufactured at our factory, which allows us to guarantee a steady high quality. Using modern CNC automatic production lines allows us to offer solutions to many complex connections.

Production & Technology

Log house technology

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